A complete store solutions delivered to site (one box) including shelving, trollies, joinery and store fixtures

What We do

Whether you’re after a standard shelving system or a fully customised system, Shelving Systems has the solution for you..

Our shelving systems are made of the highest quality materials at the very best price and suit a range of retailers such as a variety of retail stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, pet stores and supermarkets.

Standard Systems

Here at Shelving Systems we carry a large range of retail and storage shelving solutions. Our standard products are sourced from a variety of well-established international suppliers and are of the very highest quality.

Our range is broad and we offer flexible options with our product range to suit almost any specific requirement. With all the basics covered we’re sure that our standard range of shelving solutions will fulfil all the requirements of your job.


We excel in bringing innovative new concepts to reality. We recognise that custom shelving can be a large investment, therefore our experienced team work closely with each customer to create the very best systems to meet individual’s needs.

After confirming conceptual plans, we engage our world-class engineers to finalise design and manage the production process. Our primary manufacturer (ISO 9001 Certified) is unmatched for quality and service and also provides steel metal shelving for some of the most prestigious retail names in Europe. They are the ideal ‘fit’ for Shelving Systems and our customers.

With our dedicated team on the ground here and our skilled engineers in China, almost anything is possible.